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CoolSculpting Lab Tab


Want to freeze your fat, but not break the bank? The CoolSculpting Lab Tab is Beauty Lab + Laser’s in-house financing, available for you so you can get treated now! Pay half now, and pay the rest monthly. Premium Pricing for CoolSculpting is $1200 per session (2 arms, 2 inner thighs, 2 love handles, lower abs, or upper abs,) on the CoolSculpting Lab Tab. You pay $649 in-office, the day of your treatment (your 50% down, and $49 set up fee,) and choose the day of the month for your $200 monthly payment to come out for the 3 months following your treatment. No interest, no credit checks. Our in-house financing means that you can get treated now for $649. Email us with any questions, or to get set up on a CoolSculpting Lab Tab before your treatment!


Don’t want to pay premium pricing or worry about a monthly payment? Check out Care Credit! Their approval process is quick and easy. For even more savings, open a Beauty Lab Bank and receive VIP pricing on your CoolSculpting Treatments.