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This full treatment of Kybella will dissolve the fat in your “banana roll,” the banana shaped pocket of fat under your bum. Say goodbye to unwanted fat! Most patients need 2-3 treatments, 6-12 weeks apart.

Patients should expect tenderness and swelling for 1-2 weeks and will see the fat disappear gradually in the weeks to follow.


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What is BananaBella?

BananaBella is a full treatment of Kybella, an injectable fat dissolver. We inject this into the “Banana Roll” or roll of fat beneath the bum. Kybella dissolves small pockets of fat permanently, and the fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system over the following weeks.

How Much Does BananaBella Cost?

BananaBella is $1200 per treatment. Most patients need 2-3 treatments, 6-12 weeks apart.

How Long Does BananaBella Last?

Kybella destroys fat cells permanently.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

BananaBella takes about 20 minutes. Your time is precious- we don’t want to waste it!

Does BananaBella Hurt?

In a word- Yes. We consider it to be a “hurt so good” feeling. We generally don’t numb for BananaBella, because the discomfort is experienced when the Kybella is being injected, not the needle poke. Using ice before and after helps,

Is There Any Prep for This Treatment?

To minimize your chances of bruising, we recommend avoiding ibuprofen and blood-thinning medications for 3 days before your injections.

Is There Any Downtime or Recovery After This Treatment?

BananaBella will cause some redness and tenderness immediately after your injections, followed by a period of swelling, which is when the Kybella is doing all the hard work! This swelling can last for a few weeks, but is the most noticeable in the first 3-4 days after your treatment. People who are prone to bruising may notice bruising on or around the lips after injections. Stay hydrated, avoid Ibuprofen before your appointment, and we recommend starting a course of Arnica Montana (a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling,) which we sell here for $12.

Who Injects at Beauty Lab + Laser?

We have 2 INCREDIBLE injectors at Beauty Lab + Laser. Regan Brooks PA, and Rachelle Jelosek NP are the dream team of injectors. Both have several years of experience and are in the top 3% of Allergan (the company who makes Botox, Juvederm, Voluma and Kybella) injectors in the nation. Check out their before and afters, videos and insider info on Instagram @lipsbyregan, and @injectionperfection.