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Injectable Sculpt and Lift


Get a BBL without going under the knife! The Injectable Sculpt and Lift is a better alternative to surgery and invasive laser treatments to sculpt and lift the bum, and smooth out cellulite. This treatment is 1 vial of Sculptra Aesthetic injectable, as well as several ccs of your own PRP. PRP is the Platelet-Rich-Plasma that is in your blood. We draw 2 vials of your blood, spin it in a centrifuge, separate the PRP from the red blood cells, and inject that plasma back into your body, along the with Sculptra. PRP is so incredible because it contains growth factors and your own stem cells to help generate new tissue! The combination of the Sculptra, which acts as a fertilizer for your own Collagen and Elastin, with the PRP, which helps to heal your deteriorating tissue and grow your own brand new tissue, helps to firm, tighten, smooth and lift. Results are seen gradually over time, as soon as three months, and continuing for up to a year. We recommend a minimum of 2 treatments, done 4-8 weeks apart. The amount of product that you will need depends on what your goals are, and what your existing tissue is like right now.